Team Jay (2019)

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I have had the great pleasure to direct a new animated show with Juventus Football Club and Sunrise Productions (26 x 5min). I got to work again with Nic Smal (Art), Tyronne Herring (Storyboards) and Tim Keller (Producer) - the show is hilarious and awesome! 

First broadcast will be on Nickelodeon Italy in September 2019.

Boxed Warriors (2019)

Boxed Warriors are a series of shorts for Nickelodeon Australia and HeadStart Games about very macho toys who find themselves in a Melbourne kitchen and decide to kill each other. It's like Toy Story meets Fight Club with fart jokes. Obviously it's a hit on Cartoon Network in Australia. 

Here is an episode titled Sink or Swim

Munki & Trunk 

I produced 13 episodes of Jungle Beat, followed by 26 episodes its spin off show, The Explorers, followed by a second spin off show, Munki & Trunk, with the wonderful people at Sunrise Productions, distributed by Aardman.

The Jungle Beat YouTube Channel has reached over 1.7 million subscribers and over half a billion views.

Juventus Mascot

At Sunrise Productions my team and I developed a new sports mascot for Italian football club, Juventus. We designed Jay, the mascot, and delivered animations, comics, songs, merchandise and Christmas specials.

Florries Dragons

Florries Dragons is a 2D show for The Disney Channel I developed and produced with BAFTA winning director, Will Brenton, based on books by An Vrombaut. We made 52 x 11 min episodes of this super cute series, based on the books by An Vrombaut.

Mr Bebe - Xilam, France

Z-News parody series

Caillou (Season 4) - Cookie Jar, Canada

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