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The Inge Lotz Story - 6 Episode Podcast

It has been over a decade since I started filming interviews for a story on the tragic murder of Inge Lotz. Now, Catherine Rice and myself have produced a 6 part podcast with News24. 

We investigate Inge's murder, the evidence brought against her boyfriend, Fred van der Vyver and deep dive into the problems with the South African justice system.

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Large Format Portrait of Jose Joao

As a boy Jose Maria Joao was kidnaped from his village in Angola by the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). He never saw his family again. He was given an AK-47 and told he was fighting against communism. Jose thinks this was the late 1970's. Realising he was being trained to kill people he ran away. 

After years of walking, hiding, hitching and working odd jobs he made it 3 500 kilometres through Angola, Namibia and South Africa to Cape Town. Jose works as a bouncer at the very popular The Power and The Glory and is a personal trainer to boxers and mountain trail runners.

Despite his traumatic past he is one of the most optimistic people I've ever met. 

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Portrait Shoot with Lucy Heavens

Lucy Heavens has landed her own show with Titmouse (Big Mouth) and Disney. 

Lucy has a timeless look and  I wanted to shoot a portrait of her looking like the hero of a spy film set in the 1950's. 

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Large Format with Rob van Vuuren

I shot the incredible talent that is Rob van Vuuren on a large format 8x10 film camera and developed the photos in our kitchen sink!

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